Chris Burch's Model Railways

Sorry to have to inform you in this automatic way, but here is some sad news:

Chris Burch had emergency heart surgery (which was successful), but went on to have a major stroke in intensive care, and died on Sunday 6th November 2016 at 8.14pm.

If you need to contact his family, please email Chris' wife, Roz, on

For Bridge Builders Ministries, see their website for other contact information.

For model railway enquiries, including the Braunstone Model Railway Exhibition, contact John Malpas through the Syston MRS by email on

Or you might want to contact the vicar of St Peter's church Braunstone through their website

Chris' funeral was on Monday 21st November 2016 at Leicester Cathedral. Donations were invited on the day to 4 charities instead of flowers.

Please remove Chris from your databases, unsubscribe him from your newsletters, and stop sending him emails - thanks.

What follows is the rest of this website as Chris left it.

Welcome to my imaginary world of model railways!

Photo of ChrisI started modelling in N Gauge in 1990 (having had Tri-ang OO Gauge trains in my childhood). I have been a member, as I've moved around, of the Model Railway Societies in Leeds, then Coventry, and now Syston near Leicester. I ran a Model Railway Exhibition at my last parish church, St Peter's Braunstone Park, Leicester, on the 1st Saturday of each November. I had a main line at home, with enough sidings for 8 trains, which I have now sold. Since then my largest layout has been Castle Brewery, which doubled as exhibition layout and home layout - so I can "watch the trains go by" of an evening. It has now been sold to make room for a new home layout which I haven't started building yet - watch this space! My current exhibition layouts are Herrenscar Harbour and the new Howling Moor Dam - both part of the Nivverwas Valley Tramway which is my "concept album" of layouts. But as well as the new home layout, I'm planning a Great Western branch line terminus, my first ever based on a real location, and a new challenge for me.