Family, friends and fun

I spent time with my cousins, new friends and old. Between them, they made sure I sampled both the rigours of climbing Table Mountain and the delights of South African wine.
I learned to enjoy myself without feeling guilty - that alone made the trip worthwhile!

My cousin Richard, his wife Julia and their daughter Francesca...

...who is delicious enough to be on the menu!

They took me wine-tasting, and I went to Francesca’s first birthday party.

Jenny Wilson, Cross of Nails co-ordinator in South Africa
and a good friend. (Wouldn’t have been possible without her...)

Marc Murray, organist at St Saviour’s and free-lance musician.

Wesley and Jean Nodder took me wine-tasting too.

Garth Counsell (Rector of St Saviour’s) and his lovely family.

Cecil and Stella McLean, Eileen Nomdu and Stella’s family.

Andrew Wilson took me up Table Mountain. It was hard...

...and it got harder. But the views were stunning...

...and we finally made it to the top!

I went wine-tasting several times, with friends and by myself.

The vineyards are set in beautiful country - very relaxing.

Even the barrels look good with red wine stains!

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